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YES! … YES! … YES!

We’re here for you.
To all our FAQs, our answer is always YES!


Are you really a cooperative group of women bloggers?
Are you all specialists in your fields?
Do you accept clients?
Can I really change my life?
Can you really help me?
What if my situation is unique? Can you still help me?
When it comes to me, no one ever gets it. Will you?
Is it ok if I just read what you post and never sign up?
If I sign up for things, will I get more than fluff and promotions?
Are your materials any good?
If I message you, will I get a reply from a real person?
Do you like feedback and suggestions?
Do you accept new collaborators?
Will you be my friend?
Are you chicks simply the best?


Other questions? Message Courtney Helena.
She’ll probably say yes.

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