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Courtney Helena Dream Life Coaching Services

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
~ Oprah Winfrey
“What are you waiting for? Let’s shake a tail feather!”
~ Courtney Helena


Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready to start living the life of your dreams?


You’ve got a feeling inside, and you don’t know what to with it.

Your life’s pretty okay now (or maybe it isn’t).
You don’t want to throw it all up in the air (or maybe you do).
You have people who need you, bills to pay, and responsibilities (but you long for something more).

One thing’s for sure—something’s got to give.
That feeling won’t go away.
It’s insisting you were born for more than this!

Right now, you need someone who understands.
Someone who can help you get your groove on again.

Someone who really hears you and sees your unique vision. You need someone to guide you to reaching
that beautiful, meaningful, and authentic life, the one perfectly aligned with your values and priorities.

Girlfriend, that’s exactly what I do!

I help women cut through the crap and get what they want, in ways just right for their unique selves.

And just as you’re unique, I’m not like every other coach.
I see infinite possibilities for you.
Life is not a one-size-fits-all experience, and I know almost anything’s possible.

I’m not going to tell you to rub crystals to align your chakras.
I’m not going to tell you to make a vision board to attract that elusive first million bucks.
I’m not going to tell you to stop “playing small.” (Can you hear my eyes rolling?)

I will:

  • Shift your thinking, help you align your actions with your values, and convince you that what you want matters.
  • Show you how to give yourself permission to love yourself, trust yourself, respect yourself, develop a healthy and more balanced lifestyle, and practice self-care. (It really is ok to indulge in that glass of wine with your bubble bath every now and then, you know.)
  • Help you make decisions that foster and enrich your current relationships while still honoring your needs (Yep, it’s possible.)
  • Guide you in overcoming your fears, knowing your worth and asking for it, and finding clever ways to make it all work.
  • Connect you with other women, communities, and resources. (You’re unique, but you’re not alone.)
  • Be your cheerleader, hold you accountable, push you past barriers to work for what you want, and call out the BS and lies holding you back.
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    You deserve the best.

    Just as you’re unique, my one-on-one sessions are tailored specifically for each woman.
    There’s no “right” path in life or set of answers, so I definitely don’t believe one-size-fits-all, pre-packaged, “proven” programs work well.
    Let’s design your dream program together.
    I want to see you healthy, happy, and rocking your best life.

    It’s time to stop being content. Get courageous.

    Uncover your superpower. Establish clarity and certainty.
    Leap tall barriers with a single bound!

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    You’re Ready for This

    Connect with me on social media or using the contact form below. Together we’ll set up the plan that works best for you.

    Client Testimonials

    Emily P.
    Emily P.
    Ontario, Canada
    “My first session with Courtney yielded such clarity that driving to work the next morning, I actually warhooted in my car!”

    “As someone who is looking to make a big change in my career, I needed someone to help uncover what would be a good fit for me, what path I should choose and determine what steps need to be taken to reach my goal. I also wanted the discussions to be comfortable and energetic. I found that with Courtney! She is someone you can connect with immediately and no time was wasted getting down to the nitty gritty. Sometimes it’s the most difficult to find answers that are already there, waiting for you to focus in the right way, yet my first session with Courtney yielded such clarity that driving to work the next morning I actually warhooted in my car on the way to work! I loved how she kept the conversation on task, while also leaving room for creativity and brainstorming, with no fear of a wrong answer, anything and everything was worth dissecting. Sure, we all talk about our careers and such with our friends, but not in a concentrated intent-driven way! If you are looking at having your own a-ha moment, I highly recommended Courtney. Isn’t it amazing that no matter where you live in the world you can connect with the click of a button and get the help you need? We were able to hammer down a completely exciting plan … and I didn’t even have to get out of my pajamas!”

    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA
    “Courtney isn’t like other coaches … [she] is a counselor and business advisor wrapped in one.”

    “I reached out to Courtney because I am going through a major life change. I moved from an urban area where I raised my children to a small town to start a business, late in life. It is overwhelming and I was looking for guidance and direction. Courtney isn’t like other coaches. Unlike the other coach I had talked with prior to my move, Courtney didn’t focus on tasks, but talked with me about our dream and focused on the big picture. Courtney is very easy to talk to, like an old friend who has time to listen and understands you inner workings. After listening and asking pointed questions, she noticed how I light up in discussing having children visit my farm. In addition to being able to see the big picture and overall goal, Courtney wanted us to write our mission statement and define ways to generate revenue. She emphasized that without a revenue stream, the dream will fade. After two discussions with Courtney, I have the mission defined and practical steps to reach our goals. She spends the time to listen and leads you through the difficult decisions. Through her guidance, I have a daily mantra and other ways to keep the mission in mind as we navigate life’s daily tasks. Courtney is a counselor and business advisor wrapped in one.”

    Havelock North,
    New Zealand
    “The sessions opened my mind to possibilities I had not thought of.”

    “I wanted Courtney’s services as I was in a very transitional time in my life and was looking to brainstorm new ideas. I had just had my second baby and was contemplating what returning to work would look like with two children and desiring a better family/work/life balance. I felt that the sessions opened my mind to possibilities I had not thought of. It was great to have someone to bounce my ideas off and who asked probing questions to get me to think beyond my limits. This would be the greatest benefit for me, “seeing beyond” and “thinking outside the box” of more traditional career paths for myself. I felt my ideas were valued and then challenged/questioned in a very positive way to get me thinking outside my self-limiting beliefs. I felt empowered after the sessions and more confident to explore various options for myself and my family. I would not hesitate to recommend Courtney. She has a very direct, yet warm and friendly approach. I found myself laughing at my own weaknesses and finding ways to see past them. Thank you, Courtney!”

    Richmond, Virginia, USA
    “Courtney has a talent for helping you find the answers within yourself.”

    “I reached out to Courtney because I hit a roadblock with my business. I had been following the “rules” of a particular course to build it, but I felt more frustrated with it than inspired. Courtney encouraged me to think about what exactly I wanted from my business. As I talked through my goals with her, she pushed me to think even deeper. Was my heart really in it? She then pointed out the language I used – I accidentally said “monotonous” instead of “monetize” and that told me everything I needed to know. Courtney has a talent for helping you find the answers within yourself.

    I especially liked how Courtney tailored her strategies just for me. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach working with her. She was also so easy to talk to. I felt like we had been working together for months
    after just the first session! She really understood my struggles and worked with me to eliminate the barriers I was unintentionally creating for myself.

    I would absolutely recommend Courtney. She has a warm but direct personality and excellent advice – exactly what you need if you’re unsure what you want out of your life. Thank you for the peace of mind, Courtney!”

    I’d love to hear from you! What’s going on in your life?

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