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Do you feel your power and potential, believe in yourself, and make choices straight from your heart? Are you living in line with your dreams? Whatever you’re looking for, I’m dead certain that a seriously rockin’ life is in your power. I can’t wait to see you design it, leap straight at it, and live the daylights out of it. I’ll be there with champagne and chocolates, cheering you on, helping you create something new and beautiful. I also happen to believe in the healing power of gardening.
Bonnie Servos on the Courtney Helena Blog Team

Looking to learn more about wine or just brush up on your knowledge? Then grab a glass and read on! I’ve poured up 6 snob-free, fun-filled lessons which I promise will put you completely at ease, no matter your current level of experience. Together we’ll delve into the art and science that is wine appreciation. All you need are working taste buds and a sense of humour. So, if you’re tired of playing Russian Roulette when selecting wines, join me here as I explain the basic tips and tricks to finding the right wines – for YOU!!
Valerie Hendricks on the Courtney Helena Blog Team

Food is a journey of mindfulness, an experience for all of the senses. It nourishes and sustains us, body and spirit, but sometimes we don’t give it the attention it deserves. Do you love good food, but find yourself eating unwholesomely or in a rush? Would you like to gain confidence and skills by expanding your cooking repertoire? Are you searching for ways to become more efficient at meal planning and entertaining so you can relax and connect with loved ones around a fully loaded, beautifully spread table? Invite me into your kitchen. I’ll show you how to find a better quality of life through food.

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Beenish Khan on the Courtney Helena Blog Team

My name is Beenish Khan and simply I’m really good what I do. I am an experienced website developer and Team Lead for your projects. I am always committed to my work. If I get an opportunity to work with you, I won’t let you down. Check out my portfolio and services and don’t hesitate to contact me. Skype ID: khan.beenish6 (Courtney Helena’s Note: Beenish has chosen not to have her face represented by a photo. As she lives in Pakistan, there may be a slight delay in responding to you due to the time difference. Be patient; she’s worth it!)

Shannon Davis on the Courtney Helena Blog Team

I am an attorney who loves blogging! I combined my passions in one awesome website to help bloggers stay within the law. The legal issues with blogging may seem scary, but I am here to help you keep your blog safe and your business growing. Check out my Brylett website for answers to all your questions!
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