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Olá. I’m Courtney Helena!

Courtney Helena & Serena the Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy
Actually, Courtney Helena isn’t my real name.

I’m actually Courtney in the USA, and my friends here in Brazil call me Helena. The blended name perfectly reflects my exciting new life and identity.

No, I’m not a spy. (I wish.) In my best infomercial voice: “To see me now, you’d never guess at the age of 40, my old life shattered into a million tiny pieces.”

In 2011, I was married to my second husband, a stepmother, a homeowner. I was a respected teacher and member of my community.

Then all of a sudden, it blew away in a nasty, gut-wrenching, horrendous divorce from hell.

I lost my . . .

Family and identity as a wife and mother

Job and role as a professional

Financial health and pride in fiscal responsibility

Physical health and functionality

Everything external that had defined me was gone. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I hadn’t listened to my own voice in a long, long time.

Why is it we women so often wait for a crisis to force us to self-care and self-respect?

In the words of one of my favorite strong women,

“The whispers get louder...then...disaster and the whole brick wall comes falling down.” ~Oprah Click To Tweet

And Then What Happened?

I left the USA with my dog and my worldly possessions in three cardboard boxes, setting off to find my dreams. Sounds poetic? In some ways it was, but it was also hard as hell. In the process, I learned to listen to my heart. I let go of almost everything and learned I could live with less – material and otherwise. I learned to make decisions in line with my goals and values. And in time, I made my dreams come true.

I now live in a darling home on 5 stunning acres in beautiful, tropical Brazil. I have a new man and a fulfilling life. I even have a small banana plantation! Serena the Bernese Mountain Dog is my new baby and companion, although she’s actually not a baby anymore.

I’m happy, and it’s now my goal to spread my joy to as many other women as possible.

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I Want This For You, Too.

My goal is to see as many women live their own dreams, no matter how “big” or “small” they are. I created Courtney Helena to reach out to as many women as possible, inspiring and spreading the message.

I help women create beautiful, succulent, kick-ass lives, styled just for them. ~Courtney Helena Click To Tweet
Girlfriend, you can hear your whispers. Don’t wait – start living your dreams today. I can help you listen, learn, and change your direction. I’ll motivate you, inspire you, teach you skills to transform your life, and guide you in designing the deliciously succulent, luscious, gorgeous life of your dreams!

Courtney Helena Logo Succulent

Ask Me Anything!

My husband and my dog seem to think I’m pretty cool, and I like to meet other cool people, too. Ask me anything, drop me a line! I do not hire minions to answer my email and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

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